Hi!! I'm so honored you're here 🥺

My name is Jasmin and I created Jushin Art in 2020. I guess the coolest thing to know about me is that I am red and green color blind! I grew up wanting to be an artist but felt hindered because I  thought that not being able to see colors would be a disadvantage.  As you can see, I LOVE COLORS! Thank the heavens that the pigments I use have labels, so I'm not totally blind LOL! I really be letting spirit guide me on what colors and designs to mix in each piece.

What makes each Jushin Art piece so special is that I meditate with each piece to help infuse as much positive energy as possible. I believe the objects and decor around our homes affect us more than we think! Our homes should be filled with LOVE, POWER, PEACE, COMFORT, CREATIVITY, ABUNDANCE!

It is my wish that, by having your own original Jushin piece in your home, you and your family will feel and experience this refreshed energy in any room you place your special piece in. 

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Also is your partner or homie still using a SODA CAN or random empty cups as an ashtray????
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